Are Studies Linking Atrazine to Birth Defects Junk Science?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Are studies linking atrazine to birth defects Junk Science?

Listen to toxicologist Tim Pastoor: “All these studies have basic fundamental academic epidemiological flaws that render them less than useful. If you look at the birth defect uptick in infants that were conceived in that late spring and early summer months, it can be correlated with just about anything else that occurs with an uptick at that period of time—rainfall, tornadoes, lightening strikes. And, you see the same trend in both high-use and low use atrazine states.” Dr. Pastoor’s conclusion: “There are absolutely no statistical correlations between atrazine concentrations and birth defects.” 

Pastoor also said: “the same uptick in birth defects in spring months is seen throughout the United States, regardless of atrazine usage."


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    Can anyone on this site give us an employment history of Tim Pastoor? Did he spend the majority of his career working for the manufacturers of atrazine?

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